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Running a store in Snowbird Country

Home and Salvage is in the heart of Naples, FL (Snowbird Country). This is where 1/2 of our winter residents flock back to the North. In past years, the birds flocked North around Easter. In recent years that date keeps moving forward. This year, we saw this past weekend (last weekend of April) as our goodbye.

The farewell is good news in many ways for our stores. We immediately began a project of installation of shelving in our main store and we began our initial inventory ramp up for both stores which takes place during the next 3 months.

Its also great news for our local customer base who stay with us yearly. We offer many end of season discounts to clear out inventory, but also our locals finally come out to visit! For many, they do not leave the house during season because its so hectic with traffic / restaurants / parking / etc!