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60" round concrete composite top and solid reclaimed wood base


This light grey concrete finish is a natural material, comprised of various types of limes, cements, silicates and additives. It is strong, flexible, has good adhesion.  It is popular for indoor and outdoor use, for finishing floors, walls, furnishings, swimming pools, etc. It is mineral-based, and has a surface like natural stone. To give it a real natural concrete look, the surface is full of small cement particles, which can be up to 0.8mm in size. An added layer of invisible water-based protection is currently included on top of the finished surface. This treatment should be reapplied periodically to keep the surface saturated and protect against household stains. After years of use, this finish becomes more and more beautiful as it gives the concrete a natural patina.

Barry Dining Table

$3,295.00 Regular Price
$1,977.00Sale Price
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